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Our innovative texting program supports parents and caregivers in creating positive educational environments and building social-emotional skills. Recognizing that home learning experiences affect children, our research program seeks to identify barriers to beneficial parenting and caregiving, and to develop, test, and refine interventions for parents and caregivers that overcome these barriers and promote learning and wellness.

Initially designed for parents of preschool-age children to help them prepare their children for kindergarten, Tips·by·Text has expanded to reach informal caregivers of young children, as well as parents and caregivers of children ages 0-6 and middle school students across the country and internationally.

Tips·by·Text promotes literacy, math and social-emotional development for younger children and school engagement and broader wellness for older children. The program is scalable, affordable, and easily implemented. Currently available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, it can readily be translated into other languages.